Social Justice Advocates Africa (SJAAFRICA) was founded in 2012 by Jimmy Wambua following his unpleasant childhood experiences and after traveling the world and discovering that injustice was a global problem.

The Founder’s Background

Jimmy grew up in a slum. Poverty harass him and other children and he took offense. Most of the things he saw as needs were actually not needs to other people. It got him wondering why society was like so. As he gained awareness of his world, Jimmy realized there was injustice in the world. He began desiring justice and as a poor kid, his mother encouraged him to seek justice through good grades in school so that he could come back to help others.

The Quest for Knowledge

Jimmy devoured books and newspapers seeking knowledge. He listened to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) radio and heard the same problems in Haiti, Iraq, India and in South Africa. He became more aware that injustice wasn’t just about his neighborhood; it was all over the world.

The Travel Experiences

“I travelled to India and the problem was the same. I went to South africa and the situation wasn’t different. The dalits and low-cast suffered the same fate as the boys and girls I left home in Kenya”, asserts Jimmy.

Jimmy’s  trip to Haiti, right after the 2010 earthquake, confirmed that injustice was all over the world. He went to the United States and the rot was even deeper and ugly. The south side of Chicago suffered racial segregation in education just as the kids in the slum where Jimmy grew up. Poor education standards, insecurity and under-investment in human development.


“In light of these realities, I chose to return home and champion for Justice”, says Jimmy, then concludes with a  sense of finality, “I am here to haunt the poverty that harassed my childhood. I am here to inspire a just and a responsible society.”